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Find, Develop & Keep the Best Talent for Your Social Enterprise

At Social Impact Talent Advisors (SITA), we bring social enterprises together with the talent they need to scale, transform and disrupt economies. Our team of experts know what it takes to responsibly, sustainably and transformatively drive results. Partner with us and find, develop and keep the best talent.

What the social enterprise community has to say about working with us!

“It’s a very much needed skills series especially for social impact ventures. It rolled in nicely right after our training on trust, vulnerability, and belonging to set the tone for the program, so keep this order for orientation.” 

Wesley Ma
Founder and CEO, HealthOpX


Accelerate your organization’s impact by unleashing the full potential of your people. 

From HR and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) assessments to crafting strategies and programs for performance management, learning and development, and career pathing, we offer a full range of solutions that cover every aspect of attracting, growing, and developing your people. Every engagement is customized to achieve optimal results, laser-focused on enhancing organizational culture, efficiency and performance. We have project-based engagements focused on:

  • Assessments
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Learning & Development (L&D)
  • Certified Coaching
  • Advisory Services/Additional Support

Let SITA thought partner with your organization to strengthen your talent management practices. We holistically address the highest level of people management challenges and opportunities facing organizations of all sizes, missions and complexities. Contact us to discuss your unique organizational needs.

What the social enterprise community has to say about working with us!

“Very insightful session. Most of the information will be helpful to our venture in the near future as we grow our early stage social enterprise.”

Dennis Ssekimpi
Co-Founder, Hya Bioplastics


Maximize your organization’s most important asset: Your people.

SITA by Nonprofit HR’s outsourcing solutions enable social enterprises to realize better results by focusing on their people and workplace culture. Our unique combination of deep functional expertise, sector-specific experience,and thoughtful approach to HR provide an invaluable partnership to your organization.

Our service models are comprehensive, flexible and can accommodate nonprofits and social enterprises of all sizes and unique needs. Our outsourcing solutions have been deployed to clients across the country ranging from five to 350 employees. We support clients on-site (in select cities), virtually or through a combination of on-and off-site support.

  • Interim Outsourcing
  • Comprehensive General (virtual and onsite) Outsourcing
  • Specialty Outsourcing (i.e. strategy, recruitment, benefits)

SITA’s Outsourcing practice provides your social enterprise all the benefits of an in-house HR team, but with less expense and deeper expertise. Contact us to discuss your specific talent management needs.

What the social enterprise community has to say about working with us!

“A good and mind opening session. Rated 5/5 for helpfulness and 5/5 for effectiveness of the training.” 

Gio Calma
Co-Founder, BCRemit


Because total rewards is greater than compensation.

At SITA by Nonprofit HR, we believe that social enterprise’s Total Rewards program should be reflective of your culture and business strategy; including programs that encompass the whole employee experience for benefits, compensation, wellness (mind, body and financial), flexible work-life programs, service and performance recognition, learning and development and career advancement opportunities.

We’ll work with you to customize work-life programs that represent the diverse needs of your employees. Plus, we’ll walk you through contemporary wellness programs to support financial lifestyle, as well as health education and awareness. Here are some areas we can thought partner with your team:

  • Compensation Benchmarking & Program Design
  • Pay Equity Analyses
  • Benefits Assessments & Administration
  • HR Technology

SITA’s Total Rewards team won’t merely focus on financials, we will also look at creating programs that engage your staff, connect them to your organization and allow them to grow their career while managing their lives outside of work. Contact us to initiate a conversation.

What the social enterprise community has to say about working with us!

“I thought Samantha was very knowledgeable, personable and quite helpful. She had answers to my questions and knew exactly where to navigate me in areas that weren’t necessarily her domain. I really liked connecting with her and found my 30 minutes quite beneficial to me. Samantha is awesome and was just so helpful!”

Marcelo Homrich
Program Coordinator, Halcyon Incubator


Social Impact Talent Advisors is a Nonprofit HR collaborative.

Our mission is to bring social enterprises together with the people they need to scale, transform and disrupt economies. Our team of experts know what it takes to responsibly, sustainably and transformatively drive results. We help you find, develop and keep the best talent.

SITA’s Approach and Values

Our corporate shared values influence how we approach talent management. We empower our team to think, act and be:

  • Extraordinary
  • Inclusive
  • Agile
  • Authentic
  • Accountable
  • Impactful
  • Innovative

Learn more about our service offerings.

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This episode features a SITA exclusive interview with Nell Edgington, diving into her new book “Reinventing Social change”, as well as her views and insights on the social sector as whole. She shares her experiences working with nonprofits and social enterprises while providing some tips, tricks, and advice for social leaders moving forward.

Listen in on this informational interview with Chief Social Impact Officer, Patty Hampton!


As defined by the Social Enterprise Alliance, a social enterprise “is an organization created for impact. It uses a sustainable and earned income business model with a governing structure focused on stated social or environmental goals. It invests a significant portion of its revenue, profit or assets into expanding this stated mission.”


Nonprofit HR’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Nonprofit HR is committed to fostering and maintaining a work environment where diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are fully integrated into everything we do for the benefit of our employees and the clients that we serve. To fully realize our goal, we prioritize our understanding of the complexities of DEI within our workforce to inform our approach to talent management. We believe that this guides how we do our work, advise our clients to operationalize DEI and position our content and educational opportunities to help strengthen the talent management capacity of the social impact sector.

We believe that diversity is the presence and celebration of difference that enriches our workplace, including identity-focused characteristics, such as race, gender, disability or age. We also believe that equity is the presence of and commitment to fair treatment, access and opportunity for all, where individuals are not at a disadvantage because of their identities. And we believe that inclusion is how we demonstrate our commitment to diversity and equity and is at the center of our efforts to build an intentional culture that fosters feelings of belonging and honors the differences of our colleagues, clients, partners and vendors. Inclusion ensures that individuals with different identities are valued, leveraged and welcome within our workplace.

Our commitment to DEI does not mean that we must agree on everything, nor does it mean that those who do not agree cannot be part of a community. What our commitment does mean is that our differences drive our need to be inclusive, respectful of each other and that we take seriously our professional, ethical and legal responsibilities to honor each other’s right to be different.


Patricia “Patty” Hampton

Chief Social Impact Officer (CSIO) & Managing Partner

Lisa Brown Alexander

CEO, Nonprofit HR & Social Impact Talent Strategist (SITA)

Atokatha Ashmond Brew, MBA

Managing Director, Marketing & Strategic Communication

Zachary Hankin

Manager, Client Experience

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Tune in to episode 25 of HR Bytes to hear the conversation between Jay Polaki, Founder and CEO of HR Geckos and Patty Hampton, Managing Partner & Chief Social Impact Officer of Nonprofit HR. Patty is a passionate and committed leadership and talent management champion for social enterprises.

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